Health and Safety Protocol

Learn the safety guidelines for industry recovery post Covid-19

The restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way we manage our personal and professional relationships, as well as the way we do business, have fun and even participate in trade fairs.

Due to its nature of bringing people together to interact, do business and exchange experiences, the event sector was one of the most affected by these restrictions. Thus, in order to have a safe return, some changes are required.

Francal Feiras is ready to return to the face-to-face fairs and wants to organize its events as an example of the industry capacity to resume its activities safely.

Our role

For this reason, we have created the Health and Safety Protocol that expresses our priorities: the joining of forces and concern for life.

These are simple measures, but of great impact to guarantee our commitment to the health of all audience, at all stages.

Who is it for?

What periods were taken into consideration in this Protocol?


Created in an easy and clear language, the Health and Safety Protocol puts into practice the expertise of more than five decades of Francal Feiras and is supported by the following pillars:

Health and Safety: The correct use of face mask, body temperature checking, environmental and equipment sanitizing, hand sanitizing dispensers, first aid assistance.

Social Distancing: Maximum occupancy of the exhibition hall, booths, auditoriums and common areas, one-way aisles, organized queues and online registration.

Communication: Trained monitoring team, visual campaign throughout the exhibition hall, sound system reminders.

The Health and Safety Protocol is based on the best practices for organizing events and brings to the fair environment the rules, requirements and recommendations from the main developed protocols for the event industry.

Find out here the detailed rules that will be applied in events as long as the preventive measures of Covid-19 is necessary.

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